ResponsePro - a Cost-Effective ERP for Manufacturers

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ResponsePro from 2M Technologies is scaleable, cost effective Manufacturing Software for manufacturers of all sizes! 

Built on our successful Response Business Solution, ResponsePro extends the application into the Manufacturing Environment, with the following features:

  • Shop Floor Control: Work Orders, WIP Tracking and Labor Time Entry
  • Serial# / Lot# Tracking and Accounting
  • Electronic Signatures for 21 CFR Part 11 and GMP compliance
  • Bill of Materials, Routes Operations and Work Centers
  • Production Workflow Tracking
  • EDI
  • Certificate of Compliance Processing
  • Material Inspection
  • Creation of Work Orders from Sales Orders
  • Stage / Workflow Reporting
  • Formula / Ingredient Processing
  • Theoretical / Actual Variance Accounting
  • Material / Shortage Analysis
  • Manufacturing Schedule 
  • Integration with Response Sales and Purchase Order Processing.

It is flexible, easy to use and provides a fast ROI - providing companies with a smooth road to success. 

With its Lot, Batch and Ingredient tracking, it is especially well-suited for manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical, Nutriceutical, Food and Chemical Industries.

Response Products can be run on your local network or can be hosted in The Cloud.


What your competitors are saying about ReponsePro...


DENNIS C. SMITH – Manager Swimline Corporation

  • ResponsePro is very user-friendly, making it quick and easy to learn
  • Met our unique needs for handling our workflow and customer service
  • ResponsePro’s support knowledgeable and friendly staff is definitely one of the best things about dealing with 2M
  • 2M’s ability to customize and quickly respond to day-to-day as well as project-based needs has been a strong point of their business partnership with us and we have worked together to tackle challenges and push our ability to service our customers to a new level.


RICHARD BENANTI - President of WSM Performance Parts

  • ResponsePro enhanced our capabilities
  • Were able to learn while using it and made business easier
  • Great technical support and customer service is a great benefit
  • RepsonsePro was able to help our company make a transition to a windows based business system. ResponsePro was the perfect fit for our company.

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