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OrthoWare is an easy-to-use ERP system developed specifically for the needs of production Laboratories of Orthotic, Prosthetic and other Bio-Mechanical devices. 

The Application features a full suite of modules from Order Receiving, Production and Workflow Tracking through Inventory Control, Customer Service and Accounts Receivable.  Site-defined tables allow you to create unique, product configuration and default option profiles, specific to your industry, clients and product lines - sport devices, functional devices, braces, etc.

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OrthoWare will help you if you find yourself encountering any of the following:

Does it seem that your staff spends as much time looking for information as processing new business?

Searching by Patient Name and/or Account information allows your staff to immediately retrieve historical information regarding a particular case. By allowing your staff to quickly locate accounts by Name, Practice, Address or Zip Code, OrthoWare allows them to quickly receive new orders.


Is your account information scattered throughout your office?

Do you have name and address information in someone's Outlook, delivery preferences in a Rolodex and pricing in an Excel sheet? If so, there's a good chance that at some point you've missed some of this information and have had to "make it right". Get it right the first time and centralize your Client Information into OrthoWare.


We spend a lot of time doing things that are the same 99% of the time!

OrthoWare allows you to set up standard options available within particular styles (ensuring that only valid options may be chosen when evaluating and configuring a patient device).  Taking this concept to the next level, setting up standard defaults (and defaults by account) allows much of the prescription setup to be guided or handled by the system. Operator intervention is then limited to the exceptions (which translates into a cost savings).


Have you ever done work for an on-hold account?

OrthoWare's Credit Checking feature allows you to automatically hold orders from accounts that have been marked or that have outstanding A/R balances. These orders will be channeled to your credit manager for follow-up before releasing the work to the shop.


SECURITY!  (Not everyone should have access to everything)

That's true, which is why OrthoWare has its own role-based security that allows you to enable/disable any of the OrthoWare programs by role.


What’s the Status of this Job?

OrthoWare allows you to track the status of a particular job in any department through Workflow Tracking. It brings a powerful Customer Service tool directly to your desktop!  Your CS Reps will know exactly where every device is (for when that doctor calls and wants to know).


I’ve taken my accounting package to the max. If I want to grow my lab, I’ll need something more!

You may be in this situation – your volumes have grown to a point where it’s getting difficult to control your business and react quickly. OrthoWare is a scalable solution that puts you back in control of your business.

What your Competitors are Saying about OrthoWare

PETER DELUCA - President of Integrity Orthotics

  • Our recent rollout of OrthoWare has been much easier than we expected
  • Within two months we were saving time versus our old system
  • Powerful special customer pricing capabilities
  • Accessibility of skilled technical support
  • Software is based upon an industry standard platform
  • We feel that OrthoWare is the best industry-specific package available to custom orthotic manufacturers today

ANDY JOHNSON – Managing Partner Inline Orthotics:

  • OrthoWare is very user-friendly, making it quick and easy to learn
  • Met our unique needs for handling our order invoicing, inventory management, and manufacturing
  • OrthoWare’s technical support staff is not only quickly responsive to our problems, but knowledgeable and friendly
  • At such a reasonable price, it is a bargain of a deal
  • The software has helped us grow in our industry
  • 2M has been of tremendous help in our continued growth in the industry because of its comprehensive software package. We would highly recommend 2M Technologies. 

It's time for your business to shift into overdrive!

OrthoWare is a complete and comprehensive turn key solution specifically engineered for Orthotic Device Labs. 2M Technologies is a PFOLA member and serves as a technology partner for the Orthotic Lab community.


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